About Us

Vinette Studios is not just another print company. Started in 1990 by Vinette Varvaro, we are now a collaborating team of fine artists and interior designers creating fine art prints for the interior design trade. Vinette’s forty year career has encompassed fine art, fashion, furniture, lighting, fabric, and home decor design. From vast experience she bring this insight to our team.

“Being a fine artist requires skill, talent, a knowledge of art history, innovation, dedication and the commitment to be true to what you alone find beautiful and important,” Vinette notes. “Being a good designer embodies all of the above with one major exception. A designer must be committed to their client, the market, and to the end purpose of what they create. They must embrace the taste of others, strive to give quality and innovation within specific parameters and rise to every challenge with enthusiasm.”

Our mission at Vinette Studios is to think as artists, believing in the limitless possibilities of the creative mind, and as designers to harness those possibilities to serve the needs of our clients.

An Eclectic Collection
The collections we offer are eclectic, ranging from contemporary to vintage. However the threads that link them together are strong and essentially important to us. They include expert use of color, outstanding composition, beautiful proportion, museum quality materials, a reverence for art history, and a sense of humor. Finally and most important, our collections embody a level of taste that reflects all of what we know to be of lasting value.