Custom Studio

Welcome to our Custom Studio. Custom Studio is a unique service that provides a custom work designed by one of our talented artists to meet your specific design needs. Start by choosing images from any of our collections. Then work with us one-on-one to adapt your selections. Match or accent your color schemes, create borders, custom sizes, create a series, change a flower from pink to what ever color you desire and much more.

You may send fabric or color swatches and photos of rooms and existing art works to assist us in developing the perfect image or collection for you. A sample customized print will be sent for approval. The prepaid design fee for each modified image will vary according to the work involved. A percentage of that fee will be deducted when the order is placed. Below view just a few examples of Custom Studio at work. [Click each image for a larger view.]

TO ALL NEW FIRST TIME BUYERS: As our welcome gift to you on your first purchase our custom studio service is complimentary for two prints.


Custom colorize any image


Brighten or soften colors for your specific project


Combine multiple images into one


Create custom borders


Create a totally new print from your fabric


Create a series from a single image


Split a single image into two, three, or four


Add a custom colored marbleized border to a print

*Due to the overwhelming response to the Custom Studio service please be patient as we will contact you as soon as possible. We welcome every request.